Dress Code

The matter of school dress and grooming will be primarily left to the discretion of the parents. Student dress should fit within the following basic parameters:

Children are not to wear clothing promoting alcohol, lewd behavior, cigarettes, or violence.
Shirts should be long enough to cover the stomach. 
Shorts should be long enough to reach beyond your child’s fingertips.
Undergarments should not be visible. 
For safety, students should wear tennis shoes each day. (Save flip flops, Heelies, etc. for home.)
No hats (or hoods pulled up) are to be worn in the building, unless as a dress up or reward day.

Please be advised that if a student's attire is not appropriate, we will call home to ask for a change of clothing to be brought to the school. If that is not an option, your child may be asked to change into an item from our clothing closet.
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